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Trinity Boiler | Menard Heating and Air Conditioning Ottawa | Repair and Service ExpertsThe installation technicians at Rick Menard Heating and Cooling are experts at installing newly designed, high efficient, wall hung boilers, and water heaters.

We Fix Gas Boilers, Electric Boilers, or Hot Water Boilers and Turn Them Into Highly Efficient, Energy-Saving Systems

Call on Menard’s technicians to install your new boiler, or to keep your existing boiler in optimal operating condition. Whether you need boiler maintenance, boiler repair, or a new boiler installation, Menard’s technicians have always been Ottawa homeowner’s trusted, go-to service experts. That’s because Menard’s is known for fast, prompt, and professional “by the book” installations and repair.

Boiler Problems May Vary, But The Solutions Provider Is Always The Same: Menard’s

If you live anywhere in the Ottawa area and you need a fast response and excellent, fully-guaranteed repair or maintenance of your gas boiler, electric boiler, or hot water boiler, then call our service technicians here at Menard’s. Old boilers can leak, some boilers may not fire up, and some others may not properly heat water, or there may be other problems causing it to not function properly. Whatever the problem, we will send our specially trained, licensed, experienced, and fully vetted technician (all backed by our work and service guarantee) to fix your boiler and get your home energy consumption back on track.

Every Boiler We Install Will Function At An Optimal High-Performance Level, Guaranteed

Your Menard’s technician will install your new boiler exactly and precisely by the book. Here’s what you can expect to see when our technician arrives to install your new boiler: To be sure every boiler installation is done exactly as it should be done, your technician will follow a specific installation process for optimum efficiency and performance outlined by the manufacturer and the Canadian plumbing code.

The next generation of boiler heating systems provides more comfort and control than previous boilers ever could. In most cases, the new designs will increase the home heating efficiency, and ultimately reduce your energy consumption, and save you money on heating costs. NTI boilers can be even more economically efficient than forced-air systems if they are installed correctly. For those homeowners that have the comfort benefit of a hydronic boiler system, replacing an older boiler with a new high-efficiency boiler can deliver great comfort at reasonable costs.

What Every Homeowner In Ottawa Ought to Know About Their Boiler

  • Many homes are heated by boilers that are over 30 years old
  • Some boilers may be operating, but are so incredibly inefficient by today’s standards that it would be a financial mistake to not replace them.
  • The cost of fuel will likely continue to rise over time, making inefficient boilers even more expensive to operate
  • Old systems need repair and maintenance more often, adding repair costs to your heating budget
  • Any boiler leaks could affect insurance coverage
  • Many people complain of old boilers being too noisy

If You Live In Ottawa and Have A Boiler That’s Over 12 Years Old, Then Consider These Facts:

  • Chances are, the old circulation pump is not adequate to get water where it needs to go. This leads to higher bills, and more stress on the system.
  • The old boiler likely does not meet the current safety and performance requirements for plumbing codes.
  • The expansion tank is likely not adequate for the new system. This means your system will not perform at peak efficiency, and cost you more in energy expenses.

Three Advantagse Of New Boilers

Variable Gas Input – Whereas old boilers had only two settings – full on capacity and off – newer NTI boilers can adjust the input of gas across a range to accurately meet the fluctuating heating needs of your home.

Outdoor Temperature Monitoring – Modern boilers have smart controls that measure the outdoor temperature and automatically adjust to accommodate your home’s temperature.

Space SavingNTI boilers have compact designs, saving you valuable floor space.

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