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Our Technicians Arrive On-Time, Perform a Thorough Inspection, and Then Explain Your Options: You’ll Be Informed, but Never Pressured

When Your Furnace Needs Repair Or Replacement, There’s No Place Ottawa Homeowners Trust More Than Menard’s.

For a technician that’s on time, respectful and gets your furnace running efficiently, call Menard’s: 613-834-1415

  • Worry-Free Pricing:
  • We charge by the job, not by the hour and we’ll tell you both the options you have, and the price for each choice before we begin the heating repair work.

  • Ironclad Guarantee:
  • We guarantee our heating repairs for two full years… when you call Menard’s it will work, Period. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • Respect for You, Your Home and Property:
  • Your Menard’s heating repair technician will always conduct themselves in a way that shows respect for your home, and respect for you and your family.

There’s Not A Furnace Repair Service In Ottawa That’s Fixed Or Replaced More Heating Units, Or Kept More Families Warm Through The Winter Than Menard’s: We Keep Ottawa Furnaces Running

Your furnace repair and installation technician will start by examining your furnace and identifying the cause of the problem. It may be that it needs to be cleaned and tuned in order to provide a more efficient supply of heat, or it could be that the system requires more work, or replacement. Whatever the case may be, your technician will explain the situation and give you recommended options. You will notice that as your technician works, he is treating your home with respect, and working to ensure that you are fully informed regarding the best options for your situation.

  • Superior Training
  • When a technician arrives in a Menard’s Heating and Cooling uniform, you will know that your technician has met the high standards required to be a member of our team. This includes full certifications, in-class testing, and hands-on, real-life experience. All of our heating repair technicians have years of experience in the business. Our technicians attend regular training courses to ensure that each member is up-to-date on new equipment, repair, and installation techniques.

  • Ready To Solve The Problem With Equipment and Parts On Hand:
  • Each Menard’s repair vehicle will arrive with a fully stocked truck that will contain all the tools, parts and equipment necessary to repair your heating system. There will be no going back and forth to a hardware store!

    Menard’s Technicians Work To Ensure That You Are 100% Satisfied

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    Let Us Impress You: We’ve Helped Hundreds Of Thousands of Ottawa Homeowners with their Furnace Installations and Maintenance Over the Last Few Decades. We have only gotten this far because we’ve done excellent work, consistently, we’ve treated Ottawa homeowners with courtesy and respect, and we’ve stood behind our satisfaction guarantees and warranties on every single job.

    For Furnace Repair or Replacement, Call Menard’s: 613-834-1415

    And consider this:

    What would it cost you to deal with your furnace installation and maintenance yourself, and take time away from more important things, like your family and friends, or your work? And that’s not to mention the significant costs of simply not dealing with it at all!

    I think you’ll find that, in the long run, you’ll SAVE significant time and money by hiring me, rather than handling it yourself!

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