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All Around Ottawa People Are Calling Menard’s To Get Geothermal Energy That Provides Consistent, Low-Cost Power For Their Home

Ottawa Homeowners That Tap Into Natural Geothermal Energy Have The Lowest Energy Bills In Town

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All around Ottawa, underneath our feet there is untapped energy waiting to be harvested. As the sun shines, the earth absorbs the solar energy, and much of that energy stays in the ground. Through winter and summer, the earth maintains a nearly constant temperature of 40 to 60 Degrees Fahrenheit year round. Our geothermal systems include a geothermal unit that can convert the earth’s energy into usable power and a ground loop that utilizes the earth’s temperature to absorb energy from the earth and deliver it to your home. This super-efficient system can work year round and can power both your needs for heating and cooling.

If you live in the Ottawa area call Rick Menard’s and ask about our energy-efficient Geothermal systems. Once installed, these systems tap into the natural energy sources in the ground to produce low-cost power to your home.

Investing In Geothermal Provides Incredible, Long-Term Savings:

Using the ground as its source of energy, a Geothermal Waterfurnace system only needs a small amount of electricity and can make you save up to 80% annually over conventional systems. There will be no more high electricity bills to heat or cool your home. Imagine your energy use cut by as much as 80%! The return on your investment is immediate!

Rick Menard’s Technicians Are Uniquely Experienced: We’ve Earned Our Reputation As Ottawa’s Geothermal Experts!

As a qualified Waterfurnace Geothermal Specialist for our area, we provide comprehensive services, including energy savings planning, proper system selection, and expert installation and service. Here are three guarantees of our high-quality results:

  • Waterfurnace is leader in geothermal system technology and maintains a team of experienced geothermal experts right here in Canada.
  • Our geothermal systems are manufactured by Waterfurnace (leaders in the research and development of geothermal units) and are designed to meet the demands of the tough, often severe climate here in the Ottawa area.
  • At Rick Ménard Heating & Cooling, we have an expertly trained and experienced team of technicians. We develop a practical and cost-effective geothermal solution that meets your needs and keeps you in comfort all year round.